Using 2 ( or 3 ) bits for an angled cut in center of cut, but only on one side

Obiously pretty new to this, but have been lucky by getting easy projects. Im making a 5" wide and 8 ft long strips of HDPE with a straight cut an inch over, for another inch, and then i need to start a 45 degree angle back to the top and then just another straight cut down, but with a beveled, just barely rounded off edge. Is this a 3 bit job? ive got to cut 8 ft with an upcut on both sides, then a 45 degree bit back to the top and Im wondering about how to just round off one sides top, so it isnt sharp. I was thinking of just adding a routing bit and doing one pass to get the rounded off side, but curious if anyone has any better ideas. The piece looks so simple, but now, i seem to be overwhelmed. There has to be an easier way. Thanks in advance

P.S. the top texture does not need cut, it will be added on, so ignore that part of the picture

If you want to do this in Easel, it will be a 3-bit job on three different workpieces. For the rounded edge, you will want to use a round-over bit with the radius you desire.

I would cut them in this order.

  1. Cut the flat portion
  2. Cut the slope using a V-Bit
  3. Cut the radius on the top edge that needs it


Brandon Parker

Do the roundover with a trim router in hand. Much easier/faster.


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