Using a 24 inch diameter round piece of wood

I want to carve into a round piece of wood i already have thats 24 in diameter, how to i set the x and y axis to that

yes, Im sorry…I am a newbie at this. I am carving an sag of a tree into a round piece of wood. I bought the wood already cut so its 24 inches in diameter, when i plug in the numbers for how big the wood is it is shaped in a square and I was wondering can i have it shaped in a circle so i can center my image properly

what i normally do is cut a 24" square piece to go under the round shape and center the round on top of the square so then you can work off the lower left corner of the sqaure.hope this makes sence.

What software are you designing in?

The hard part will be setting machine zero on a round piece of wood.
I would suggest a couple of test runs before the actual piece.

When I am cutting round stock I set my work zero in the center of the piece.

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Yea I am doing barrel tops and I set work zero to the center of the top, wish there was some way using a touch plate or something. I think a touch plate has to use a right angle.

Use a tape measure to find the center. First find where 24" falls at each edge, mark at 12" in one direction, spin the circle 45 degrees and measure again, mark at 12". You will end up with a + in the middle. Set your job XY origin to center of the work piece. Set your X and Y zero on the + mark you made, set your Z like you usually do.

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Thank you!!!