Using a CNC to make a Knife sheath from a jpeg

Good Day

I am very new to using a CNC machine, in fact I am yet to do anything withit except engrave my name very badly.

I am a strong beliver in if you need to learn then ASK! and always have a project in mind.

I love cooking and have my own knives, Here in Zimbabwe we call a BBQ a Braai and its a national past time.

I want to make some wooden sheathes for my Knives. I watched a you tube video where the person making the wooden knive sheaths used a CNC machine but copied the image from a Jpeg. (

Before I embark on this project I would like to know if this is possible using EASEL. I will also need to know what CNC bits to use I only have what was supplied with the machine which I thingk are 25 degree V bits.

It sounds like you want to get familiar with image trace

Here is a video on how to do that in easel. It is one of the apps on the left side.

I myself would probably use a straight or roundnose bit, not that specialized bit that the video you linked showed. I would imagine you can get those bits from your internet tool resource.

Here is an example. Router bits of higher quality would cost more. Whiteside, Freud, or CMT may be available to you.

Thank you, I have tried to do this and followed instructions no problem. BUT two things are happening. The first it that the emage for engraving is not showing on the screen, and when I click send the spindledoes not start turning but the machine is moving like its engraving.

The image won’t display if the cutting depth is set to 0. Unless you have specified a cutting depth it is possible this is why you are not seeing the image. If you cannot see the image to select it, click and drag the mouse over the entire canvas to select all objects. This should expose the boundaries of the image. Once selected you can change the cut’s depth. Easel colors the outlines according to the depth of cut, from light for shallow to dark for deep cuts.

For the spindle, make sure you have run your machine through the machine configuration steps. Once you have done that, verify your setup. If your spindle is not connected to an electronically controlled power switch then you must engage it manually before starting the cuts. Easel will advice you to do that, if set up correctly you should know if you are skipping this step and the machine would not be moving to perform the cuts unless you told Easel that the spindle was turning.

Good luck!