Using a new STL file and my Z axis moves roughly 1" every two minuets?


I am hoping someone can help me with this. It is very frustrating. I downloaded a new STL file for a 3 D project and it appears that the G Codes are working, however it is taking for ever for my Z axis to drop to the work piece on every move. Does anyone know why?? Z works fine no problem there, however it moves at a crawling pace while performing the G Codes…

How are you generating your gcode?
Can you share the first several lines of the gcode?

Downloaded Program and opened with several different programs. Used Universal G Code Downloader the very last time I tried it, and it still did not function properly. It Rapids to the location and lowers part way in rapid motion and then goes into an extremely slow Z descend. Once it gets there the X and Y move as they are suppose to.

Yes I will share them, no problem.
Let me get them…

Did you download an STL and generate the gcode yourself? Or did you download gcode?

GoZo .8000
GoXo .0000Yo .0000s1200M3
GoXo .6117Y-2. 0079Z0.2000

I downloaded the G Code from the STL File.

I have changed the Z inch several times and it does. Not matter what it is. There for I started to think that it was a the program, because it is running the program ok. It’s just the Z that is extremely slow.

We’ll need more lines than that, to see the z feedrate.
So you downloaded the gcode?

Just copy paste, don’t retype it.

OK. I will try it again. Thank you for the help, I greatly appreciate it… If it does not work I’ll send more codes in the event I can get ahold of you…

Thank you;


I was on here a few days ago trying to figure out why my Z axis moves so slow with a new STL 3 D picture I wanted to run.
Well I’m still fighting the same problem. Although I am leaving it run at the moment. X and Y work great. Z can move fast untill it is to lower down to the project then it moves about an inch every theee minuets if that. I am at this time wondering if the G code is wrong. G1Z-0.200F0.01. Is this causing it ??