Using a Woodpecker 3018 CNC with Easel, problem!

I have connected the CNC to Easel, however, whatever I produce in Easel, when cutting it shrinks to around 30% of the original size, has anyone come across this problem, if so what was the workaround???

MM to Inches?

If I create in mm’s it still shrinks

Check your steps. Tell it to go 100mm, does it go 100mm or 30mm?

30mm approx

Use the calculator by Phil and re-calibrate your steps/mm


Hi, I looked at the site and made the changes it suggested and it made no difference to the scale, when I cut a 100 mm line it only cuts 31.5 mm on the wood.How do I make sure the settings are correct?

Restart controller board after changing the step/mm setting, you could also re-enter $$ to see if the new value is properly received.

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Ok, so the X axis is correct, what about the Y, how do I adjust the settings for that?

It appears squashed when cutting.

In the exact same manner as X, only the GRBL setting is now $101=xxx instead of $100=xxx.

Unless I am missing something, you’re using Woodpecker CNC not X Carve or Inventables CNC. If so, Easel was made for Inventable’s CNC, wouldn’t there be difference in translation as what’s called “Post Processor”.

It depends, I don’t know the Woodpecker but have an Arduino-GRBL based CNC myself which operate just fine with standard Easel gcode files / straight from Easel.

It is an Arduino based system, I now have the sizing cutting correct. I just need to figure out how to level the aluminium bed.


Add a MDF spoil board on top and skim that :slight_smile:

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I have a generic 3018 with GRBL and wonder what settings you used to get it to talk to Easel!!!

Hi! i saw your easel problem with the 3018CNC. What did you do for solve it? Thanks