Using an Ogee router bit to carve the edge of a plaque

I have an ogee bit that I would like to use on the outside edge of a plaque. I have not been successful in going around an edge. How do you set up the bit to follow the edge? I can get the bit to follow on three edges but the fourth is way out of line. Do you use the outside diameter? Any hints?


One thought is to put another vector around the shape you are tracing, just a bit larger to offset the size of the ogee bit and follow that path.

All of mine I’ve been just cutting it out, then using the edge treatment with my standard router table.

Are you using the standard spindle with the ogee bit? I wouldn’t recommend that as it puts a ton of load on the motor and will slow it down considerably.

As Dan mentioned, probably the best way would be to cut the piece out with square edges and then route them by hand or on a table.

However, If you’re really determined, it is possible.
Measure the distance between the center of your bit and the edge of the bearing. Then offset your box by that amount. For example:
If the radius of the bearing is .125", and your plaque is 8 x 10, You’ll need to draw a box that’s 8.25" x 10.25", then make sure it’s aligned properly between the easel file and your cutting bed.

Yes, I am determined to give this a try. To reduce load I would take progressively small cuts in depth. I have calculated the 1/2 diameter and set that into my size. Doesn’t seem to work. The tool path sometimes wonders off, my fix has been to do a new project. But I am still having trouble setting up. I use a broken bit to see where the tool is relative to wood.

Seems like its back to my router table since I am no longer willing to work on this.

Thanks for all the advice.

Another option to form an edge of a plaque is a bit with no bearing, such as the ones on this page.

I am using a bit without a bearing. I think that my real problem is not understanding how to set up the bit with Easel. It doesn’t end up where I expect it to. In order to understand better I have set up a sheet to track my entries into Easel but Easel seems to change some things and I am at a lose to see why.


So you’re having problems with the machine’s accuracy then? Can you try to run the job without the bit installed and with the spindle up higher so it won’t cut, and see if it follows the path it’s supposed to? If it doesn’t, there might be something wrong with either your machine (belts too loose/tight, V wheels need adjustment) or something wrong with the grbl configuration.