Using an Old X-Carve controller to drive a 40 watt China laser

I am planning on getting a X-Controller. Could I use the old controller to drive my Ebay 40 watt China Laser with the Vectric software. I hate the Moshi Draw software! Has anyone tried that ?

Does the laser hardware use standard stepper (4 or 6) wire motors? You would also need to know how the laser power is conttolled

Iā€™m also thinking about this as I have an old X-Carve controller as well. But the firmware support table here is making me wonder if I should go to a Smoothie based board instead.

Allen and Steve. I am just starting to think about this. I will have to dig into this a bit more. That is why I asked if anyone had ideas or done this. Thanks, Hans

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Yes you can. Best software to use with it is Laserweb3. I have done it.

Halfnormal do you have more details on how and what you did? What to keep and what to replace?

There is a lot of information on the net. They sell all kinds of boards to interface with the K40 type lasers now. Here is a plug and play solution I highly recommend
High quality and great support. It can also be used to interface a smoothie board later if you choose to go that direction.
Just remember that the enable is +5 vdc not ground on the laser powersupplies.

Halfnormal Thanks for all your help now all I need is the time to get into the project. Hans