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Using Chromebook to Run Easel?

I’ve got an ASUS Chromebook to run my CNC in my shop. I set up/calibrated my X-Carve using my Mac Mini (brought it in the shop from my office in the house) and it ran fine. I was under the impression once I did that intitial run I could use a Chromebook to run the carves in the shop.

I rather have a $200 Chromebook in the shop then using a actual MAC/PC if possible. Is this not the case? I tried to install the drivers but i get the error message they cannot install due to it being a CHROMEOS.

Any advice? Before i bought my X-Carve I saw quite a few people using the Chromebooks to run Easel & the X-Carve so that’s why I purchased a Chromebook.

Thanks in Advance!

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I couldn’t get mine to work on the Chromebook default OS, but installing Linux Mint was pretty easy (never done it before so newbie there). Once that OS is installed, you can install firefox/IE/chrome, the easel driver, and its pretty much smooth sailing from there.

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I really hope Inventables will come with a official chrome app/driver soon. A chromebook is perfect for online software as Easel.

Good to hear. Came searching as i was thinking of a chromebook as my surface laptop wont live long in a workshop. Ill install mint

I could not get my chrome to down load the linux software i am having problems can anyone help

Did you do anything special to get the driver to work on Linux? I have a Chromebook and I’ve installed Linux but the driver won’t work for me. The carve button stays blue and I can’t seem to get it to turn green. Any tips? :slight_smile:

Did you install Linux Mint or another variant? It’s been a year since I fiddled with it so I don’t know if any updates/changes took place that would cause problems but I don’t remember anything specific that I had to do. I just ran through the Mint install > installed firefox > installed plugin

I installed Linux Ubuntu 18.04.4. Do you know which version of the Easel driver you have installed? I downloaded 0.3.18 but maybe if I downgrade the driver it could work, or maybe it would be best to delete Linux Ubuntu and start all over with Linux Mint. The only reason I went with 18.04.4 was because that was what Inventables supported (just not when it’s on a Chromebook). Thanks for your response!