Using Creo Parametric for G-code

I curently have creo parametric 3.0 on my computer and have used it to export G-code to a fadal cnc mill. I am interested in purchasing an X-carve for my home, but I would like to know what I’ll need in order to use the system with creo as my cad\cam package.

First, what controller would be best suited for this task?

Second, would I need other software to run the machine and\or the controller?

If it’s not painfully obious already, I am new to the CNC scene and would like to learn more before purchasing a machine for myself.

Thank you for any and all advice…

You should be able to use your exported G-code with little to no modification and just use Universal Gcode Sender or Chillipepper to run the X-Carve. There are plenty of threads on the forum about these two control softwares so I won’t go in too deep with explanation. It should be a pretty simple process if you are already custom to CNC milling and CAD/CAM.

You will also find that for simple stuff exporting as SVG and importing to Easel, or even just creating the CAD in Easel will do the trick.