Using easel on two computers

Can I log into my easel account and design a project on one computer, as I have a project running on easel on another computer ?


Yes, if I understand your question fully.

I do this all the time - design at work, go home and carve :slight_smile: I also design in the house and carve in the garage. I used to have to walk to the house (to get project loaded) but I picked up a cheap(ish) range booster and don’t have that problem anymore.

Okay thanks, so I can run easel on 2 computers at the same time.

Thank You very much for the info.

You can design on a computer in Japan, fly home and carve the same job from your shop computer.

The question he has isn’t can he design on computer A, wait a bit then cut on computer B. His question is can he cut on computer B and while it’s cutting, design on computer A.

And I believe the answer to that question is yes.


Thank you, yes that is my question.

I apologize, if my question wasn’t clear.

Thank you for not sending me to Japan, lol

Thanks again

same here