Using Easel Software for My CNC machine

I have a 3018 3 Axis Mini DIY CNC Router. I have had ZERO luck getting it to work correctly using the Candel software.

So in moving forward I would like to Know if I can use the Easel software with this machine and How I go about setting it up if it is possible.

I am very new at this I dont understand the termenology so my explanations sometimes are not great but I will quickly learn as I go.

Your 3018 is a GRBL-based machine and Easel is the same.
Try to connect it to Easel - without going through the setup. If you do Easel will edit your GRBL parameters and some of them will then be incorrect. Its easy enough to remedy that though, but can feel overwhelming to those who do not know :slight_smile:

@HaldorLonningdal thank you very much I have managed to get it to start and do an enraving. There are a few things I dont understand.

  1. Whei sent it for carving it didnt automatically start the spindel despite saying it must.
  2. The image was going to take 3 Hours 54 Minutes to carve.

I dont understand which settings i Must do when starting.

1 - Start it manually, probably different behaviour from the controller
2 - Due to the Easel feed rates suggested, these can altered as seen fit and capable.


Thank you, I am playing with it now and slowly getting the hang of it. I have only got 25 degree V bits.

I am trying to engrave my name now but its mirroring it. What casuses that.

I think I should actual purchase the Pro version because I do think this software and forum is excellent

Your X-axis is running in the incorrect position.
The X-stepper have four wires, two pairs. Reverse ONE, any, pair.

Easel Pro is available for free 4 days a month, dont purchase anything yet :slight_smile:

@HaldorLonningdal I changed the two pairs of wires around but had to swop the direction in the software to go the opposite direction to the arrow for jogging the machine. It is now engraving the right way round ( Not mirrored) but having to use the X axis in the opposite direction.

When looking at the machine with the spindel facing me and the PCB at the back once I start engraving it works but I need to change the work 180 degrees to look at it when I am finished.

So If I look at it whilst engraving its upside down.

I have delayed my reply as I have been trying to resolve this without asking for help until I had at least tried