Using easel to run laser

Will easel softwear run my 5500wM laser that came with my 3018 pro mini cnc

I don’t think so. There is no add on in Easel to control the power on and off or the speed or white span. You will need to get another profram to run your laser.

yes and no.

can it be done - (sure) is it easy and repeatable - (no) was it designed for laser - (no)

your better option is a program designed for a laser with GRBL controller.

I would recommend if you want free use web based like easel then use openbuilds cad-cam software. you can generate g-code and import to easel or you can use both the cad-cam and then there version of a sender.

here is a link to the program
here is a link to the sender

there is also lightburn (not free), picengrave (also not free), etc.

P.S. you also get what you pay for, I personally have lightburn at home and love it but it is not free nor easy but it is very good. I also have picengrave (what I started with) and it is also nice but not very user friendly. I learned about openbuilds after purchase (it is newer and just released) and I do use it when I need an easy and fast design where I am not worried about precision or clean cuts.

You could also use LaserGRBL which should have come with your 3018.