Using Easel with LinkSprite 1610 CNC

I’m a ‘just out of the womb’ new CNCer and bought a LinkSprite 1610 router to play with before I invest in real hardware. Arduino Uno based unit with a small spindle drive that spins at 7,000 RPM at 24 volts. I wanted to see if initial settings were accurate by cutting a 3” diameter circle, drawn in Easel and output to UGS Platform, through 1/4 inch MDF using a 1/8” up cut bit. Used recommended cutting settings in Easel and first attempt was very bad - it cut the first pass fine and then plunged through the entire sheet. I should have read the intro post first, where I would have learned that ramp cutting is not supported in Easel. Still, the default plunge rate (12”/min) can’t be right for my setup. Could someone give me some more logical settings for me to try? I’m afraid trial and error will lead to premature destruction of my machine. Thanks!

I think your trial and error is just as good as anyone’s guesses unless they have the same machine. Reduce your depth of cut and feedrate. I’d test your speeds with no load (air cut) until you feel more comfortable.

I see your point. The default depth per pass (0.05”) seems reasonable. The default feed rate (40”/min) seems aggressive and probably assumes use of a DeWalt 611 router that has much more power and torque than my spindle. I assume that depth per pass and plunge rate are related but I don’t understand why plunge rate is measured in inches per minute.

It’s simply the speed your Z-axis moves when making a cut.

Was your material secure? Quarter inch MDF had a lot of flex. With an up cut end mill, you may have pulled the material up enough to cause problems. Slow down to 15in/min, secure the material and give it a go. Did you adjust your grbl settings?

MDF held down to waste board and table with four t-bolts and wing nuts - it’s not going anywhere. I should have a down cut end mill I can try. Which G-codes were you thinking of? The circle outline that appeared before the dive occurred seemed pretty round, but that was what I was testing for. Next test will only cut 1/8” or less into the MDF. Thanks for the help.

You can retrieve and change your settings by sending a $$ through the console in UGS.