Using Easel with previously generated gcode

Aaaargh! I’m using Vcarve pro to create objects and generate my gcode. So I open easel to carve and It makes me reset my machine every time and then tries to make me carve a test. When I close the test thingy it takes away all the machine setup info with it. Why cant I save my machine preferences somewhere? When I try to open a “new” project in which to apply my gcode, Easel creates it’s own starting point regardless of where my original was. It creates a new work pc with it’s own set of dimensions. I can’t find anything in the practically non-existent menu to satisfy what I’m trying to do. Why can’t I simply apply a gcode to a blank project, set my x,y,z - and take off without Easel trying to take me back to the creation process?

Easel not saving machine settings is a browser cookie issue. Check your browser settings to make sure it allows cookies from Easel.

Hi John,

I’m not sure I completely understand what is happening, but there should not be any reason to run machine setup in order to import g-code. You should be able to do exactly what you want: new project -> import -> g-code -> choose file -> carve.

As soon as you import g-code, it disregards the material dimensions etc. that were setup on the workpiece prior to importing.

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Also make sure that you are using the correct VCarve post processor for Easel.

I think that’s what I’m going to do. Any recommendations?

I am but thanks. My problem is not with the gcode or post processor. It’s getting Easel to quit trying to take over the job and taking me to the drawing/design process. I can’t figure out how to make certain screens go away - like the test carve screen. There’s no way to x out of it. Your only option is to click the “carve” button. Easel is great for starting from scratch with simpler jobs. But it needs a separate screen for when you import gcode, set your xyz, do what it’s told, and then stay out of it. Looks like I’m going to have to learn yet another program (this will make 4) to get from point A to point B. I can’t afford a better program that will do it all. Even Vectric’s Aspire won’t talk to the machine. I’m new to all this but it’s my understanding that it’s always going to take at least 2 programs to draw/plot, create gcode, and carve - no matter how much you spend.

Thanks for your help. Yes, I’m frustrated but I hope it doesn’t appear to be directed towards you. When I import g-code, A) - it doesn’t give me an option to “choose file” and B) - choose ‘what’ file? And C) - why do I need to choose another file? I thought the g-code ‘was’ the file. The only option to import another file is “svg” (I think). My V-Carve generated file (if that’s what it wants) is not svg and not recognized by Easel. Nothing goes away when I import g-code. All the Easel chosen workspace is still there. And when I hit the + sign at the bottom to start a new job I get more of exactly the same vicious circle crap all over again. I’ve searched the instructions and videos. There is absolutely nothing explaining the use of Easel for carving previously generate g-code which I’m sure is so simple it’s hard to imagine - and I’ve spent hours and hours trying to make that teeny tiny step. I’ve gotten fairly good a V-carve pro and CAD. But Easel is - well I’ll just say it- stupid! Either a blank screen, or a single paragraph (un-hidden) in the instructions is all it would take to fix this for anyone new to the program. I’m a Windows guy and this reminds me of when I tried to use a Mac which was supposed to be “simpler”. That’s it. I’m finished ranting - sorry.

Hi John,

I’m sorry you’re having so much trouble. Would you be willing to give our customer success team a call this week? I really think they could help you get this sorted out. Something strange is happening to you that is not supposed to be happening. They can talk you through or even do a screen share with you to see what you’re seeing and fix it.

Thank you so much for your interest in helping. I’ve been away on an extended vacation and haven’t kept up with replies. Sorry. I seem to have recently overcome many of my issues but I am curious about something new. Is it necessary, and if so - why is it necessary - to enter bit size, feed rate, etc into the easel (or picsender, etc.) project when importing gcode? I get it if you are actually creating the project within the easel program itself. But if you’ve created the job in another program (pro-carve in my case), isn’t that information contained in the gcode being imported? And if not necessary to re-enter the info, why don’t those menu option disappear or gray out (like literally every other program) so as not to send conflicting info to the machine and/or my brain? This is the kind of problem I’ve been having with easel because I take things literally - and historically, my experience with other computer software proves this to be a correct way of thinking (unless you’re one of those weird Mac thinkers - grin). But in Easel, for instance there’s the “carve” button. In my mind if I select carve, the machine is supposed to do just that. I didn’t realize that all the menu choices and items I couldn’t find would appear (and many of my problems solved) ‘AFTERr’ selecting “carve”. Those kinds of options have always been found under a more logical heading in every program in existence (like “file” or “setup”, etc.). And then there’s Easel’s “Machine” menu that is a “setup” menu but takes you completely out of the project you’re working on and into a test carve that you can’t get out of. And if I want to delete a project and start over, the option to delete is in a logical place as long as you have more than one project open, but if only one - no delete option. You have to go to “file” and open a new project in a new window/tab and close the old one to start with a clean slate. Just way off the mark intuitively speaking. Especially when in hindsight everything generally turns out to be so simple. I hate spending hours trying to figure out to do something as simple as sticking my finger in my belly button. Sorry again - I’m obviously venting. Can you tell I just hate the Easel program interface?

When imported gcode is used you do not need to input bit/speed etc uin Easel as all that is defined by the CAM used to generate the gcode. Easel just process (send) the code provided. You can override the feed though, but that is done on the fly.

Hi John,

It’s not necessary, and in fact, as soon as you import g-code into a workpiece, all of those settings will disappear:

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