Using Easel/X-Carve for Edge Cut-outs

I apologize, I’m still in the process of building my X-Carve and trying to learn Easel. I’m sure my terminology will be far off the mark.

I’m looking to make small pieces of furniture with my X-Carve. My first project is a floating hutch/shelf.

I’m looking to cut out pieces from the edge of the starting material. Is that a bad idea? See the picture for details. I suppose I could cut these rectangle pieces much faster with a table saw, but I’m more or less curious as to the full capabilities of the X-Carve.

I’ve also noticed that Easel is not necessarily extremely accurate, I wish it had line snaps for at least every inch, or even better every 1/4". I place lines now and I have to zoom in very close to try and get an accurate start.

I’m also curious if anyone has used easel to create dado style cuts.

Okay, one last question. Anyone have any ideas on how to save the waste board? I’m considering using a 1/8" panel underneath my wood to be cut, or a flat piece of Styrofoam. I’ve seen a few videos where folks had done this, but I’m curious as to what works best. Or should I just not care and plan to replace my waste board more often?

Anyways, thanks for your guidance (and patience!).


When you select a shape, there is another tab on the shape properties that lets you dial in the size and positioning.


As for the edge, its your option. If you don’t 100% align the material to the axis of motion, your 2 sides will not be square to each other or if your board edge is not straight, the same thing may happen. If you use a rectangle and not lines, it’ll cut the edges no matter what.

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I put a piece of 1/2" mdf on top of the waste board and level that.

I would not use foam it will crush and make your material uneven. I use 1/8" masonite from HomeDepot, about $10.00 for a 4x8 sheet.

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If you have a table saw use it for straight cutting parts with straight edges.
The X Carve is not efficient for such pieces such as the 3 rectangles you have in image. The smaller contoured parts in upper left yes it will do good at that especially making duplicate countours.
Consider using the X Carve for adding accents to your furniture such as engraving or 3d elements.
Example; it is capable of creating a raised panel for a door but that job is best done with a table router or table saw.
But after that panel is made the XC would be good for adding a 3d element that takes it to the next level.
Also consider using the XC for creating templates for profile routing with a larger router.

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Thank you all for your replies! They are all helpful.

Excellent points, I’ll adjust to use rectangles to ensure the cutouts are square. My eyeball squareness is not as precise as the machine’s.