Using EaselPro on ShapeOKO Pro

Hi All - first post so hope this hasn’t been covered already…

I just purchased a ShapeOKO Pro (by the way, this is an unbelievable tool and the pre-assembly of the kit is incredible). I have tried CarbideCreate Pro and am not impressed so I will be using EaselPro if I can figure out how to make it work with the SO Pro.

Here are my questions

  1. Anyone know how to make EaselPro connect directly (so I can control the SO Pro)?
  2. If not, how do I set it up so I can export GCODE and it has the correct parameters for the SO Pro?

Thanks in advance!


I don’t know if you want to do that, but it should connect without issue. Don’t run the setup, though. Is the Shapeoko Pro your first Grbl machine? Stick with Motion for now.

Machine–>Advanced–>Generate Gcode
Remember you won’t get to make use of the BitSetter with Easel generated gcode.

Thanks for the comments/feedback.

Yes, this is my first Grbl machine. I am really impressed with the robustness/quality of the actual machine. The software, however, seems very basic and limited. Carbide Create struggles with the basic things (I have CAD experience but even if I did not, there are so many frustrations in creating basic shapes - for example, if you create a square with rounded corners, you then cannot edit that shape as a square, you have to edit the shape as a polyline)

Easel seems to do a better job of this, but then I’m struggling with how to get the code out to the Shapeoko Pro and make sure I don’t inadvertently damage the wasteboard or worse yet the machine because of some parameters that the software doesn’t know since it’s not “integrated”

Do you know the actual steps that I could do to export the code from Easel yet still be sure (maybe a test sequence - like a simple small file first, and then expand to the further regions of the Pro?).

Thanks again for you help.

Just as I said above.

You’re planning on using Motion, right?

If you don’t feel comfortable yet actually carving, set your zero at the front left of a piece of stock, then remove the stock and watch what the machine does. You can run it without the router on. We call this an aircut.

It’ll be ok.