Using G61 for more accuracy?

I noticed in the fusion nc there is no G61 or G64. Is the xcarve controller using G61? When using my other cnc based on lead screws, the G61 really helped with accuracy in the cut. Does anyone have knowledge if this would be the case in the belt driven system of xcarve, and if so, is there a reason the nc doesnt output with this command?

I have tried putting it in, and easel loads it with no error, but I am curious if it is just being ignored or the machine is using it.

We don’t use G61 in any of the code Easel generates. G61 is only supported in grbl 0.9i+. That being said, if you import gcode that uses G61 we won’t throw an error since grbl supports it.

I haven’t played with G61 mode at all, so I don’t know what kind of accuracy difference it would make. From what I understand you’d only really see a benefit going around corners but not as much on dimensions (ie, measuring the distance between two parallel edges on a square).

Incidentally grbl doesn’t support G64 (so Easel doesn’t either); I don’t know how you’d get out of G61 without restarting your machine.

Thanks for the info. In a way it will only effect corners, but more realistically it is any change in velocity, which does show up alot in parts, especially at a small scale. For example, trying to cut pcb boards, using G61 can drastically change the accuracy.

explained here for us noobs… :smiley: