Using gcodebripper for pcb

I am attempting my first pcb with a cnc router. I have everything in orderbexcept for compensating for uneveness with gcode ripper. I designed assuming the board is 2mm smaller than the actual dimensions to give 2mm tollerance either side. Thisbworks great but now looking at the gcode the bit is moved to y-0.6? Why doesnt it start probing at x0 y0 because its now barely on the pcb?

Been a while since I played with gcode ripper, but doesn’t it only probe points near your toolpath?
Can you get a screenshot of your probe settings screen?

I am unable to answer how to use gcode ripper but I have successfully made several PCB boards with excellent results following the instructions from Milling a board to mount the PCB blank to has given me perfect circuit boards. The only thing I do different from their instructions is instead of double sided tape I use blue masking tape on the back of the blank and on the milled board and apply super glue to the tape to hold the two pieces together.

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