Using last X and Y

So mid carve my laptop randomly went to sleep interrupting my carve and stopping my machine completely. I restarted and tried using the last x and y location. My gantry nearly came off the track, it was trying to go to a location further than my limit switches causing me to hit the emergency stop. Any idea what would cause this? I’m scared to use last X and Y location now.

set your pc to never sleep, also you have home your spindle first

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Do you always home the machine before bit changes and using last x and y then? I’m new to this lol

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nope, you just had an issue with your pc. it fell asleep while working.

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Yes, the official procedure is to home between when using last x,y or last z…

This is becsuse your cnc once its been powered down and back on, or usb is dosconnected. When it comes back up it thinks the current position is Home. So youd need to home first…

Here is that official procedure…

BUT if you do this, then no You wouldn’t need to home between bits unless the gantry was moved manually by hand somehow.

And in addition to disabling sleep mode youll also want to disable usb selective suspend, this is a totally separate, more hidden, setting



All you need to do is choose the work home button (think that’s what it is called). I do that every time I resume a project after it stopping for whatever reason.