Using multiple bits in a different way

I know that Easel / Carvey support milling using 2 bits, for a situation where a larger bit is used to carve out the bulk of the material and then a smaller bit is used as a final pass.

I have also a need for 2 bits, but in a somewhat different way. I would like to use one bit for making holes and another for engraving. At the moment, I do this by having a project with both types of elements, and then before carving with one of the bits, I make a copy of the project and delete all the elements intended for the β€˜other’ bit.

My suggestion is to allow one to specify the bit in the same window as the one which specifies the depth of cut. It would be best if one could chose, for example, bit β€˜A’, β€˜B’, or β€˜C’ , etc. Then at the project level, select which bit is β€˜A’, β€˜B’, and β€˜C’, etc. Or this bit selection could be when setting up to carve. Or even a specific bit size could be selected for each element just as the depth is selected now.

When carving, only the elements sharing a given bit would be included in the tool path. After the first tool path is finished, one could mount the second bit, let Easel know, and carve those elements.


In a sense, my request can be thought of a using layers, only I am NOT asking for layers in the normal CAD sense of being able to control the display of the item based on which layers are selected for display, or used to select which layer an item gets added to when drawing. I tried to suggest a way to add what I wanted in the simplest possible way, for the developers. As such, I am not even asking for any indication as on the display about tool selection other than by bringing up the window which currently select depth of cut, tabs, etc.

But when carving, only the items marked with the current tool would be acted upon.