Using my 4 hours for Christmas presents

I haven’t used Easel Pro, yet, but I want to use my 4 hours to make some Christmas presents for the nieces and nephew. I have a license plate designed for a niece who just got her first car.

The license plate cover is going to be transparent acrylic, and once the horse heads are carved, I want to fill them with paint or pigmented epoxy.

I haven’t used a V-bit before, and I’m wondering what it takes to get it to vary the depth of the carve so I get the most detail in the horses.

And the acrylic I plan to use comes with a plastic coating. How clean will the coating get cut, so I can leave it in place until after I have filled the carvings and completed the entire project.

And is the 4 hours a month we get with Easel Pro just the time spent carving? Not designing?

It four days of easel pro. Design as much as you want. You have four twenty four hour days per month

Time applies to carving time only, not designing.