Using my own motors

I’ve already ordered an X-carve but I happen to have some Nema 23 motors and drivers with my own controller sitting around. I took all of the motor and drive components out when I ordered, but then I later thought ; do I need to order gears for my motors or are they included in a different part of the package? If I do need to order them - which size? GT2 1/4" shaft with 20 teeth or 18?

Also - it looks like the Z-axis is driven by a much smaller motor - but it says on the Nema23 option that all motors are Nema23. My motors look a bit longer and I’m wondering if It will fit on it. Are these motors a standard size?


You may use your own motors.

We have published the data sheets on the motors we provide on this page so you may compare to the motors you have.

In addition you will need to have aluminum GT2 Pulley part number 26054-03 in quantity 4, Flat Washer - 25287-01 in quantity 12 washers, Nylon Insert Lock Nut - 30265-01 in quantity 12 nuts, Socket Head Cap Screw - 25285-1 in quantity 4 screws, Socket Head Cap Screw - 25285-3 in quantity 8, Socket Head Cap Screw - 25285-17 in quantity 4

The available space is about 61.5mm. You can measure things in the source files with the measure tool. I did a “Distance between faces” measurement to find the dimension.