Using of Aspire?

Anyone using the Aspire ?

There are many users of Vectric’s VCarve desktop and Pro, are you asking about Aspire because of features specific to Aspire that VCarve doesn’t have? or just use of that Vectric suite of products in general?


I asking because a friend of mine have the program,
and let me install it on my computer to try it with the x-carve.
He don´t use the x-carve, so I wonder if it´s a program to by and use on my x-carve

I use it with my XC. It’s compatable with any machine. You should start out with a V-carve and see how you truly like it. You can always upgrade later at no additional cost. Vectric is very good about it. I upgraded from the 2D program they have to V-Carve 8 and then to Aspire and only paid the cost of Aspire after the upgrades. It’s great software but has a learning curve.

Hi Curtis
Thank´s for the info

Is there anything I have to think of before I start using it ?
btw. I am a newbee on x-carve


Let’s start with being very honest with yourself. When I first got the XC I was also very new to CNC, I had no idea what I was doing. So what “seems right” while you put it together …probably isn’t. After I started using it I had ALOT of adjustment to do. Just little tweaks here and there.
So the last thing you want to do is go right out and buy some expensive wood and try to make a Monalisa your first run out. Use Easle, understand how it works. Understand the limitations of your stock XC. You’ll save yourself some (a lot) money in broken bits, and fire wood. Vectric’s products are very good but they are designed for a more robust machine at default levels. So be very vigilant when you set your feeds and speeds while selecting your bits during the tool path creation portion. After a bit of use you’ll know where you can speed it up and what Mods you will need for your application.
Read through this forum! So much information flows freely through it. Even if you don’t think it applies to you. I saved myself a lot of heartache that way.
Make sure you select the correct Post Prossesor when you save your tool path. If your using Easle to run your gcode then make sure you save it under Easle. If you use Universal Gcode Sender then make sure you save it under XCarve. They will act very strange if you don’t.
Any questions you have about your XC can probably be answered in this forum, if not Invetables has the best customer service, and response time I think I have ever seen from a company. Fantastic group of people.
Log on to vectrics web site and check out the “cool stuff” (I think it is) tab. There’s a bunch of free pre designed projects in there. You can learn a lot from running them. Also check out their YouTube channel. Lots of tutorials. Also check out workagainstthegrain’s YouTube channel. Jeff has some good videos as well.

Sorry if I was rambling on. Typing as I was thinking. Lol

Anything you need , don’t hesitate to ask here. So much help is available.

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Thank´s Curtis

That was a lot to take in (as a Swede)
Though I have not found info about the speed in Easel
but I´ll keep searching

Easle actually sets the feed and speed automatically with your material and bit selection. But when you use Aspire/V-Carve you set it yourself. When you select the type of tool path you want i.e… Pocket , v carve , etc. there’s a bit selection/edit tab. You’ll set your own feed rate and depth of cut. If you have the Dewalt 611 you don’t need to be any higher than a 2 really. Mostly a 1 will work.