Using Resin

For all you folks that use resin to fill in your carvings, I have a question. What is the proper order of steps, when using stain and resin on a project?

Is it:

A. Sanding Sealer, Stain, Resin, Sand, Clear Coat
B. Sand, Resin, Sanding Sealer, Stain, Clear Coat
C. Resin, Sand, Stain, Clear Coat
D. Some other combination that I haven’t thought of.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

I was originally going to paint the letters that I was carving, then filling in with colored resin. I was told to use sanding sealer prior to painting, then sanding it off after the paint dries.That way the paint does not bleed into the wood.

Currently, it looks like this.

I haven’t done anything yet, because I wasn’t sure of the order, when using resin.

I was watching youtube and watched a video where the guy sliced up some 2x4 and found a fairly large pocket of sap. I said bet that seldom happens. It happened to me the next day. Nice sign.