Using solid state relay with TinyG

I’m using Bosch colt and TinyG with my Shapeoko 2. I like to set it up so that when the carving is complete the router is automatically turned off. I came across the solid state relay at
How should I do the wiring? Are there any instructions?

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We do not have any instructions for that. I will try to setup a test machine for that. It will take a few days. I think it will be possible to do on/off (not speed) control of your router, but it is best to test it first. I have seen some electronics have issues with SSRs on the load side. We will see if the Bosch is OK with it.

Great. I appreciate your help in this Bart.
In my shop I have automated the dust collection so if any of the power tools starts the dust collector also kicks in and stays on 30 seconds after the tool is turned off.
Some of the carving projects can take a few hours so I was hoping I could leave my Shapeoko 2 running by itself, but right now when the work is done both the router and because of that the dust collector remain on.
It would be nice to automate it for turning the router off at end of the work.
I noticed the Super-PID module that enables speed control on routers. For one thing using it for just turning the router on and off doesn’t justify the $150 price. Also it requires that I change some wiring in my Bosch Colt that will make it difficult to use outside of the CNC. By the way I’m not sure if Super-PID can actually turn off the router. In any case the solid state relay seem to be the right thing for this work.
Looking forward to hear from you.

Hi Bart,
I was wondering if there’s been any updates on this topic.