Using the X-CARVE machine for MDF wood cutting and acrylic cutting

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I am new user for X-CARVE machine and I am waiting for the machine. I would like to know which type of bits I need to make milling and graving?

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Ahmed Zahran

It depends on the size of what you are making. In general, 1/8", 2 flute down cut bit works for most projects. Sometimes you need 1/16" or 1/32 for really small geometry and 1/4" for “large” pocketing. V-bit for engraving letters and calligraphy.


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I generally stick with 1/8", although I try to use 1/4" shanks. I have also used larger bits for quicker material remover (1/4"), smaller bits for detail cuts (1/16", 1/32"), and 30 degree engraving bits for thin lines.

For wood, you’ll want to use downcut bits to give cleaner cuts along the edge. For aluminum and acrylic, you’ll want to use an upcut bit to remove the chips so you don’t end up melting them to the bit.

So in essence, you will probably want to invest in a variety of bits.

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Don’t worry, in no time you will be joining EBA ( endmill buyers anonymous)

I use 1/4 down cut for my last projects since I had a few pockets. I used a feed rate of 85 on the mdf with success. On plywood I set it to 65 out of caution, but think I will push it to 75 next time. IPM on those feed rates.

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where can I found down cutter? also for 1/8 bits or smaller how can I connect it to my router because it is 1/4 in?

Many thanks

where can I find down cut bits? what is you opinion in 30387-01 for removing big parts?

That opened up to the large wasteboard cutters, which are great bits for leveling your wasteboard but not something you want to use for general use. The bit I’m using right now I got from Amazon:

You can get some from drillman1 on eBay or Carbide End Mill Store