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Using third party bits on the carvey?

Hi There,

I’m fairly new to CNC milling and the Carvey machine and wanted to get some clarification - Am i able to use bits not sold by Inventables on the Carvey machine and if so, would kind of things should i be aware of? For example, does a third party end mill require the plastic coloured ring which i assume is for depth control to work on the carvey?

The only constraints i can see is paying attention to the shank diameter and making sure i have the right collet to match the shank dimension. Is that correct?

I ask this as i live in Australia and the shipping costs are quite expensive when ordering from the inventables shop

Thanks very much for the help!

Third party bits will work just fine.

One of the downsides however involve some of the apps. Things like the box maker make the tight fitting finger joints by precisely knowing the diameter of the bit. You will find that bits may vary from their stated diameter so in some cases it is wise to use the Inventables supplied bits.

If you’re just doing basic v-carving of designs, you should be fine.

Make sure you use the proper collet for your bit. I am in the US and I use 1/4 and 1/8 inch diameter shanks. I also have a 6 mm bit I bought from Europe and the 1/4 collet can’t accommodate the 1/2 mm difference. I will be buying a 6 mm collet.