Using two bits

I’m trying to make an American flag and I would like to make the stars with a v-bit and the stripes with a 1/8’ endmill. I start the design first the the 1/8’ but when I click to add on the v bit, it does the stripes too. is there a way to select what bit does what. or do I have to run the program twice, once with the v bit for the stars and a second time with the endmill to get the stripes

Separate your flag into two workpieces, one for the stars for the v-bit and one for the stripes, 1/8" bit. Take a look at some of my videos. You should get a good idea on how to do it.


The v-bit will only run the edges of your stripes and put a taper on them. It is more pleasing to the eye than a straight edge. Phil’s videos are awesome you can learn a lot from them.