Using V-Carve Pro with XCP Offline

I am trying to use V-Carve Pro to run my XCP offline. I do not have a reliable internet access where my XCP is located so I must work offline. I was able to run a 250 foot Cat6 to my machine to do the initial setup but have not been able to use that method of connection since initial setup. Has anyone else been able to work with the XCP offline and also with V-Carve Pro?

You’d just need to use a 3rd party gcode sender like UGS or my favorite is OpenBuilds Control.

Then its just a matter of loading the gcode saved from vcarve (the built in post processor that’s labeled xcsrve or easel has issues, use either openbuilds or the generic Grbl one)
And then operating the cnc via the openbuildw control program

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I have been using Vtransfer which is a module within V-carve Pro, It seems to work fine but I think I will try OpenBuilds.

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