Using vacuum table - do I need the underlying frame in step 13?

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This is my first “real” post - what a great forum this is!

I plan to repurpose my Kreg Universal bench table ( as the base for my 1M X-Carve. On top of this base I’ll build a slightly-oversized torsion box using vacuum-appropriate channels. I’ll split the guts into two equal vacuum chambers: half as the X-Carve hold-down platform, and the other half as a general use, downdraft sanding table…probably with the shop vac powering the X-Carve side and the dust collector on the other side (I’ll probably want full dust collection capabilities using a hood over the X-Carve at some point).

My question is: Do I really need the 20x20 extruded frame members that are the focus of Step 13 in the instructions? If they’re there for rigidity/flatness only, that’s enough of an answer for me - I’ll be using a well-supported torsion box, after all. I’d just prefer to bolt the X-Carve right into the sides of the vacuum table, but wanted to make sure I wasn’t leaving out some important functionality in doing so.


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As long as you get the machines rails square and parallel before fastening it down I dont see why you would need the underframe.