Using vcarve

This explains how to do it:

You may want to follow this link, post processors I modified for end job/stop spindle options.

AlanDavis, So if I use these postProcessors instead of the ones from Inventables, this should work?

Yes, if you open with Note or any text file reader, you can see command structure,
They working with no problems.

Alright! Ill give it a try. Thanks

Sorry but adding the new postProcessors did not help. Right now When I start Gcode sender it tells me that I am running Grbl 0.9i Still not getting the job complete message.

Do you mind trying these files. I think something wrong with the link I posted. I made zip file out of my own directory. (1.7 KB)

when the job is finished hit pause and then resume and you will get the job completed pop up

You bet! That seems to work! Thanks a lot to all who helped out here…