"using vectric with easel how do i set up my post processer

"using vectric with easel how do i set up my post processer iv already downloaded it

thanks ,but im new at all this stuff where do i find my p file to drop it in ?


Depending on which software you have you may have to alter the path for your version.

If you took the defaults when you installed the software:

C:\ProgramData\Vectric\VCarve Pro\V8.0\My_PostP

Under the “File” menu select “Open Application Data Folder”. Inside that folder is the My_PostP folder. If you put your .pp files in there then the Vectric software will not give you the entire list of post processors available, but will just have your post processor in the drop down box when you save a tool path.

thank you i think i got it

Hi Robert
I’m probably stupid, but I can not start my project in the X-carve
I have put the PP file in my “My_PostP” folder "

Thank´s Robert

I will do that tomorrow, see if I have any luck

THIS is key!!! How come the people that designed Easel can’t write this clearly? I’ve searched a half dozen places that have a “File” pull-down.


I know GCode,steppers, etc. Built a 3D printer from scratch a couple of years ago. What I don’t know is the guts of this XController. I thought I was buying a works-right-out-of-the-box solution when I bought the XCarve 1000 with nearly every option they have, including the Easel software purchase. After getting more familiar with the subsequent purchase of Vectric Pro and UGS to bypass Easel entirely, I see the Vectric forums dismissively talk about the frustrations I expressed early on while struggling to learn the Easel “solution.”

What I’m seeking now is a way to get my computer out of the dusty shop. I’m content with Corel / Vectric, the X-Controller and the UGS. I need an Arduino-style middle-man unit that I can plug a jump drive into, jog, zero and home the router, and hit “send” on the Arduino unit, without rebuilding the whole X-Controller or leaving my laptop in the shop for the entire cut–basically UGS running on an Arduino rather than my laptop. I’m definitely NOT a fan of Arduino shield drivers. Never been convinced they can reliably produce the torque to generate income from steppers. But I’ve done my fair share with Arduinos, and love them for a function like this.

Any thoughts on this type of unit?