Using X Carve for extra income?

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His videos are incredible for learning all about torsion boxes.

I haven’t had any luck with Home Depot cutting anything. It’s a shame because the equipment they use is really nice.

I think I’ve made about… oh, -$1,500.00 or so, maybe -$2,500.00. That’s in USD. And those are negative numbers. I plan on losing a lot more.


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So/cal location ? San Bernardino here.

Hey, if you’re counting your machine cost only, your in the green! Haha

No, no, no, that’s in addition to the machine cost! :grimacing:

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Truth to that! I can’t remember if it was this thread, or a different one someone referred. But some guy said he would go buy cheap cutting boards from the local dollar store and engrave customers last names and what not in them, then sell to make an easy profit.

Ever since that post I go to every dollar store I pass looking for cutting boards… and never find any. LOL


I buy these and laser etch them…


Every once in a while, Menards has bamboo cutting boards on sale for $5 or $10. Every time they do I buy them all, and then custom cut for people.

Lately the big seller is a family recipe (eg. Grandma’s Chicken Soup) carved or laser etched on the board. I’ve left some as-is, others I’ve filled with food grade colored epoxy.

Agree. 3D is fun, but hard to be profitable. I made some 3D carved cribbage boards, but the only way I’ve found to make money is with simple Vcarved Family names in the middle or the like.

There is a milwaukee version of that saw being sokd used by me locally for $300… Chicago area. I was tempted but cant justify it.

Here is a Link to a panel saw that you can build. Plans are here also. I build one. I did not buy the hardware. I used electric conduit for the rails. Accuracy is about 1/32 inch. I am very happy with mine

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Nice. Do you do an inlay over the cutting boards logo?

My family company plans on getting one of these in the near future.

I’m assuming you guys want this bad boy to cut your pieces to size? I bet it’s 1000 times easier to handle by yourself than a table saw haha.

Is there any laser machines out there that are fairly decent priced? You know, similar to x carve brand?

The logo is small and only on one side, so the side with the logo becomes the bottom. The last set of ten boards I received did not have a logo on either side, so that was better.

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Thanks for posting about this. :+1: Looks like a fun project.

Unfortunately it looks like they were bought out by another company.

Hubba, Hubba. I use one just like that at work every day!

Here is a picture of the one I built. If you want to build one you can use this as a guide. Plans are not really necessary. The platform for the saw and the electrical conduit for the runners were all my design. The pulleys at the top are made out of wood on my lathe. The whole thing was less than $100 bucks. A lot of the wood was just scraps from the shop. Let me know if you have any questions.

The machine you are talking about is fantastic. You have to do a lot of cuts to pay for that one. If you do a 100 cuts you are looking at a $100 per cut. My simple machine will cost less than $1 per cut. That’s my budget. Either way. The wood get cut the same. LOL. It is fun to dream. It took me over to year to jump into the CNC world. At my age my kids will have a nice shop before the tools wear out with me using them. I like your comments. Let me know when your dream comes true and that wonderful machine is in your shop. Have fun. That’s the name of the game…