Using X Carve Pro to flatten slabs

Hi I am wondering if anyone has used their X Carve Pro to flatten a live edge slab? I know when I set up my X Carve Pro I ran the flattening bit to flatten the waste board. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I haven’t used it to flatten any live edge, but I have used it to cut out pieces.

Further, with I have flatten various other woods.

My only recommendation is make sure the depth per pass is set rather low, so it skims it each pass.


just ender the bit diameter as a endmill (the specific cut type doesn’t actually matter)

in cut settings set a fairly thin depth per pass, and setup a rectangle larger than your piece, and I recommend using raster cut type set to be parallel to the wood grain.


Do you have to change the feed or plunge rate if using a surface bit to clean up epoxy on wood? Also I don’t find the option for an endmill bit when adding a new bit

Thanks great advice.

Ideally the surfacing job is setup to plunge outside the workpiece, making the plunge rate moot. For the feed, yeah that would need to be setup per the material being carved…

There are 2 possible bit categories, endmills (which are then subdivided into upcut, downcut, and straight, but this selection has no effect on the toolpath) and v-bits.
But when you select a bit, your basically selecting from the category of endmill or vbit…

So when one creates a new bit as a upcut, that is still an endmill… and selection of the subcategory is only there to make keeping track of similar bits with different custom settings a little easier for the user.

Changing the subcategory will do nothing to alter the toolpath… a 1/4" upcut will have the same toolpath as a 1/4" downcut, or even a 1/4" straight cut…


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