Using X-Controller to power 12V accessories

I was wondering if anyone has used the X-Controller to power 12V LED lights?

I want to connect 12V LEDs to the bottom of the X Carriage to illuminate the work area, but I’d like to power them off the XController connections for the spindle power if that’s possible …

As far as I’m aware, the Spindle controls are not designed to power any direct loads. They are used for control signals only. They should not be connected directly to your LEDs.

That said, you can use the spindle control to switch a relay, powerswitch tail, mosfet, or similar device. It would still require a power supply of some sort.

Something similar to this thread:

Good point, I could just use a 110-12v adapter in the external switch along with the DeWalt and just power that on with the spindle so I get lights and action at the same time …