V-bit and straight bit together

it appears that I cannot get easel to accept a straight bit to cut the edges and the hole of a key fob, and the v-bit for the logo on it. Both steps appear to be done by the v-bit, what is not acceptable.

What do I do wrong?

Easel - Untitled (inventables.com)

You did not share correctly

At the bottom of the page you have work pieces. One workpiece use a setup for roughing and v bit. Then create a second work piece to cut out the shape

work piece 3 and 4 is what I used, see attached as a guide

TY! Figured that out also, thought could not be how it was supposed to be, thought the set up with two bits on the one project would work, possibly an Easel bug. However: that workaround you showed works, I tried it today, for other readers: that is how it goes. Still careful with not moving the spindle when changing the bit.

@RussellCrawford shared this video, there are several on line. This will solve your problem with the sipndal moving

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