V Bit Carving Issue

Good Morning everyone. I am having troubles figuring out how to properly carve with a V Bit. I have changed multiple settings, but it just seems like the Carve takes way to long to do. I don’t feel it should take so long to do a V carve. I attached pictures of a sign with the design I am trying to achieve and a design I created in easel. It says it should take over 3 hours to cut. I feel like that is too long for this. Is there something I am missing?image image image image

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What are your feeds and speeds?
You’re right, that shouldn’t take anywhere near that long.
Probably more like ~15 minutes.

I’m not sure what you have set for the depth of cut but I am guessing it is taking very slim cuts.
I would try at least a .1 to .125" cut.
Good luck!

I am using the recommended cut settings. They are:
Feed Rate: 10in/min
Plunge Rate: 9in/min
Depth per pass: 0.015in

What do you mean depth of cut? Is that the same as depth per pass? Because The cut depth is set to the recommended setting of 0.015in per pass But we have the design set to 1/2in deep right now

I don’t know anything about easel (I use Vectric) or how it calculates speeds and feeds, but I would run that at 100 IPM and .08 DOC

Depth per pass, depth of cut. Same thing yes.

What size V bit are you using?
I assumed a 90° ~.75 Dia.

It’s a 90 degree, 1/8in diameter.

How big is that sign??

16in x 7 1/4in

The Depth per pass of .015 will take 34 passes to get to your .5" depth. So if you reduce it to .1" it will only take 5 passes.
Many other things come into this like speed vs wood type and also bit stiffness. But for starters you should be good with the above.

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Why are you using such a small cutter?
That’s why its taking so long.

I’m not sure. I am completely new to this and wasn’t sure. And it was all I have currently. I have a 1/2in diameter one as well

Ok. I will adjust the setting and see what happens. Still new to this. I really appreciate the help.

Good luck.
Re-post how you make out.

The depth of .1 with a .125 dia. cutter is to aggressive.
Use your .5 dia. cutter then go with the .08 -.1 DOC and increase the feed rate to 80 - 100 IPM

Sir, I misspoke. I don’t have 1/2in. And the 1/4in has not arrived yet. I only currently have the 1/8in. Can I still use those settings with an 1/8in diameter 90 degree bit? Or is that too much?

You can probably go with a .032 DOC and you can definitely increase your speed to ~60-80 IPM
Enter those parameters and see what it comes back as.

Using the 1/8, 0.032 DOC and 80 Feed rate, it comes back at 39 mins. Now, out of curiosity, I have been messing with how deep to cut. Currently it is set at going 1/4 in deep. But when I set it to 3/8, it shortens the time. How is that possible? Especially since I am going deeper.