V-bit corner issues

Hey all. Just tried v-bit for the first time on a whim. Had an old Task 90 degree bit from some freehand routing I used to do. Very impressed with the speed and clean cuts. But one question, any corners had a “follow-up” cut that caused a rounded over cut in all corners. Up until this final pass on all corners it was looking perfect. Sorry don’t have a pic right now. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Really? How does that affect it? It doesn’t appear to from looking at it. See how the corners are like they are being pushed into a little too much in the pic. Also pic of the TASK T24193 90 deg bit.

Rotate the bit 90 degrees and look. It’ll be like a 0.03” flat area.

Most Vbits have this. If it’s not properly accounted for in the toolpathing, it’ll create issues. There’s a height difference for cuts due to the flat spot for true V-carving.