v-BIT cutting to much in the corners

Hey y’all, I am new to the x-carve but do have an understanding on how the different bits work. The issue I am having is when I am cutting any letters or design and I am using any type of detail cut with any type of v-bit, it cuts out the corners way to much and makes the whole project just look bad. is there any ideas on why it would be doing this? Once i figure out how to upload a picture i will for reference.

This sounds like the “dog bone” effect, its caused by the bit going too deep.

If its persistent across the whole surface you need to Z-zero a smidge higher and a test round with incremental changes will tell you how much.
If its not persistent across the whole surface you may need to skim cut the work surface and/or have material thickness inconsistensies (“wavy top surface”) causing the bit to run high/low.