V-Bit Final Pass Issues

Howdy folks. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

I have been chasing down an issue for a bit (haha) now, and after searching as best as I can, I decided to finally ask the question.

I am cutting with v-bits, both 60 and 90, for fairly light cuts ranging from .005-.01. The v-bits are doing a great job… right up until what seems like the final pass. This is where the machine has decided to drop the v-bit down onto the corners of the cuts.

This looks like hot garbage because I wind up with these dots on all of my corners. So I want to eliminate this and kill two birds; make the ugly dots go away, and save the cut time it takes to make ugly dots.

Hopefully someone has the medicine, cause this is frustrating.


Does your V bit have a flat tip?

This one does not. The problem does get worse the flatter the tip gets, but this is persistent even with brand new bits.

Can you share your project and a picture of the piece? when it drops into the corners it is cleaning the corner and making it look clean and crisp, Easel will always do a final cut on the corners

The “dog bone” effect is due to the bit going hysically deeper than the calculated geometric depth.

Flat spot on the bit, or angle variations (59deg actual angle vs 60deg stated), uneven material surface height will also have impact.

Test your V-bits:

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That is the problem; when cutting at depth, it absolutely cleans it up. I think because my cuts are so shallow they don’t require the corners to be cleaned up. The cut looks great until it drops the dots.