V bit first timer

Hi all,

First time using a 90 degree v bit, what am I doing wrong, it’s really struggling to glide through the wood and is getting stuck, please see attached photo.

Any help would be appreciated

Did you do an image trace?
If you can, start with a good vector (svg) to import to easel. The trace can cause a lot of nodes which give the appearance of a struggling bit.


Can you share your project so we can look at it? A lot of free files is like Neal suggested.

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Thank you!

I did yes, I’ve just tried again without the image, just the text and its still struggling

You’ll need to share the project publicly.
File–>Share–>Share with Link–>Save

Was the text just text from Easel?

done, yes text just from easel

OK…don’t see anything that should be causing what you’re describing. Can you get a video?
Does it move that way if you do an aircut (set your zero well above the stock)?
If so, the one thing I can think of right now is that the USB communication is not doing well. Restart the computer, and try again only opening Easel.

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It stops in parts and then continues again, not sure how well it can be made out in the video, really appreciating your help

Uploading: 20200425_153326.mp4…

As Neal said the file is clean and with the video I cant get it to play. When you say it struggles to glide through the wood and is getting stuck. Is it briefly stopping to clean up a point or area of the text? or is it a mechanical problem? Your file is set up to cut it in one pass, try changing your depth of cut and have it run it in two passes and see if that makes a difference.

Thanks so much!! I ended up closing down all other windows, restarting computer and then tightening all connections and it seems to have done the trick! Thanks again

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I have a second question, do you think this is a good finish? If not what do you think might be the issue?

What endmill are you using?
Is that plywood?

Plywood and the v bit 90 degrees

Part of the issue is that it’s plywood. A good quality hardwood plywood would be better. Solid hardwood would look the best.
Can you give the cut settings again?
Total Depth
Depth per pass
Router type and speed setting

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Yep I agree, plywood is crap but I wanted a thin wood and this or MDF are the only options it seems

Router is a Makita and it’s on 2 maybe worth putting up higher?

Most will say they never go higher, but 2 on the Makita is in the 12000 RPM range. The tip of that V-bit will be moving slower than that. I’d try 5, but plan on some sanding with the plywood. Plywood is great for cutouts, but I’ve not had the best experience with V-Carves.

Thanks Neil, will give it a go

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