V-bit issue

can anyone tell me why my vbits are leaving this little bit of wood in each corner? it does it on every carve i do using a vbit no matter what size bit.

Is that the spot were the bit starts cutting the letter? what are your feeds and speeds?

This is being done when it finishes the final path on each Letter.
feed rate is 50in plunge is 20 and depth is .06.

whoa. that is movin! I have my plunge at 9… I bet you are deflecting the bit.

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Like Henry said, if you have a stock X Carve that’s a bit high. And it looks like pine do you get the same results on harder woods?

I will try and slow that down and do a test carve and see what results I get.

50 is a reasonable speed for horizontal feed rate, but plunge ya gotta give the wood time to move out of the way… There are machines beefy enough to do that fast in plunge (there are machines beefy enough to do that rate of plunge into titanium!) but the x-carve isn’t one of them…

I think you misinterpreted his speeds.
Feed = 50ipm
Plunge = 20ipm

I don’t have an X-Carve, so I try to stay out of feed/speed conversations, but isn’t 20ipm (~500mm/min) ok for plunge rate on an X-Carve? Especially V-Carving, with all of the Z movement, you wouldn’t want to go too slow.

That is correct. I tried lowering everything and I still get the same results as the picture I posted above, could this be a Tram problem?

Can you run a test with a just a square?