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V bit not raising high enough

I recently started having this problem, my roughy passes go fine and the bit raises well above the part but when I run my detailed pass the bit does not raise high enough and drags through the part during rapid travel to next cutting position. I have tried updating the firmware, adjusting the safety height and all my nuts and everything is tight. Why does the roughing pass raise high enough but the finishing pass don’t? Can anyone help? Here is a picture of what I’m talking about

Can you share the Easel project?

Yes as soon as I get home I will share it

I am having the same problem on a rough pass portion. It cuts the first top triangle and then does not raise enough to move to second one…digs a groove and starts from the lower position. Have tried it 4 times with same result. Not sure how to share the project.

Typically this is a result of the axis not having the strength to lift the spindle. This can be caused by grbl settings set too fast resulting in lost steps, but more commonly is loose belt skipping teeth, or lose pulley set screws making one of the pulley slip. These 2 physical issues would repeat under manual movement testing, so maybe try a handful if lowers and raises to see if it fails to raise correctly under manual commands.

The other rather common issue is the bit coming loose in the collet, so you can mark that or just make a note of what the stickout is.