V-Bit Rounded Corners on Rectanlge

When I create a rectangle in Easel and I use a V Bit, the corners seem to get rounded out.

I would guess this is because of those nice little yellow corners that show up. But how do I get rid of those? I want the inner corners to be sharp, even if I have to chew up more material.

Those are tabs. In the drop down menu you can select no tabs. You can also move the tabs by holding down the left mouse and dragging them to a different location

Thanks for the heads up on what the yellow circles were. That apparently is not what is causing the rounded edges for the corners.

So if you look in the preview, the inside rectangle has rounded edges. does seem to matter what I change with the cut or where I move the tabs, the round corners are still there. Because of how I plan to use the inner rectangle after the cut, the rounded corners will actually cause a problem.

I think its just what a v bit does by its very shape and nature.

Any reason this couldn’t carve with a straight bit?

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The short answer is the angle that the 90 degree vbit carves at is 45 degrees per side. The allows for the easy creation of a box by matching the edges up together.

In short, I want to create abox but not in the same fashion that the box app does it.

with the Vbit, if you were to go past the edge just a little, the rounded edges should disappear. I am wondering if there is a bug in Easel that prevents that from happening. While testing the theory out, even the test added more cutting that was needed.

If you have Vcarve Desktop you can actually select an option to cut the corners square

If you are doing a profile cut, the inner rectangle should have square corners but the outer will have the rounded corners. Are you just looking at the preview or have your run a small sample? As Philip mentioned, it is possible to get square corners on the outer rectangle but requires a bit more work.

In Easel PRO the V-bit will give you sharp corners on both sides of your design.