V Bit Stars

I have gone through the forum heavily and found a lot in regards to V Bit carving. I am still new to this so I downloaded Estlecam. I do not understand how to take the image I upload and set a tool path. What I am trying to make is the stars on an American Flag. I have made 1 with just a 1/16" bit but I like the way the V Bit will cut up to the points. Any tips on how to do this or does anyone have a file? Thank you in advance!

If you want to use Estlcam to simulate a v carved star, you will need a .stl file. Don’t fret though. Estlcam is awesome for fast easy set up of .stl files. I use it a lot.

You won’t get that crisp v carved look with a 1/16" endmill.

If you just google for an .svg or .dxf of the flag estlcam can easily add toolpaths.

Here is a tutorial by the creator of Estlcam on v carving.

You should watch all of his tutorials as they are very clear, and the program very easy to use once you know how everything works

I KNEW THAT…yet I said it couldnt be done. I’ll go back to lurking without providing bad information now.

Awesome. I appreciate the response. I downloaded Carbide Create as it has the V Bit option already built in. Does anyone here have much experience with that?

I have downloaded f-engrave but not sure how to download the files onto my mac. I followed the instructions on the website, but keeps telling me there is no such file.

don’t feel bad andrew i di the same on my widows and could not figure out how how to download. probably is simple but i could not figure it out.

Im trying to follow the instructions they posted on the forum here before, but I’m just not getting it. I saw you comment on that one as well.

@mikepilone… I saw your post on how to install F-Engrave onto Mac. I was able to get it installed properly on my Windows. Maybe you can help me out, how do I set a tool path for an uploaded star into F-Engrave? Whenever I generate a V Cut g-code, it just does an outline of the star.

Sorry to comment on an old post. I am using inkscape, f-engrave and UGS platform on a Bob’s CNC router. When in inkscape I have my design the background is white and the stars are black. I save it in a PNG format, pull it up in F-engrave. When it does the calculations for V-carve it is only doing the stars outline. I want them to be fully engraved.