V Bit Usage

How do you specify a 60 degree V shape bit in Easel tool sections. Please add one.Thanks

Does the x carve use a VBit then. What steps are needed. Thanks

The Xcarve can use any bit you trow at it, it doesnt care wether the bit is staight or V. A V-bit can carve anything from zero to max diameter of the V-bit by using different height to achieve this.

Easel only generate flat carves (no depth change per height step, 2,5D)
Meaning it do X/Y motion with incremental Z-change between each X/Y level)

Easel can send 3D gcode to Xcarve but the gcode need to be generated by different software like Robert mention.
Fusion 360 is free to hobbyists aswell and now offer engraving tool paths.

The only way to use a V-bit with Easel is to build the paths that will cut at the depth you want.
Like if you need to do a plunge type cut it will require you to figure out how many steps you want to make to do it.Then stack the shapes that represent each cut depth one over the other and it will do what you want. its tedious though.