V-bit won't carve the surface

help, no matter what i do my v-bit will not carve the surface. I have tried changing the depth of the cut, changing the thickness of the wood, moving the bit down from the top and nothing seems to work. Can you please help?

Hi Brian, does the bit actually reach the wood surface? (you can jog the cnc to the side and verify it can come down low enough) I ask because there is a step in the assembly where you mount the Z axis onto the gantry and it is adjustable. . . the manual shows photos that are way too high for most users and it needs to be physically lowered to reach low enough. . .

If that’s not the issue, but rather the issue is that you’re doing thin v bit passes, then possibly the workpiece having an imperfect top is the issue and the best solution is to surface the workpiece on the cnc, and a close 2nd is to shim the workpiece into the correct plane like this . .

You’d also want to Z probe directly above the area to carve, NOT at the front left like is shown in the Easel photos, because if the board is not perfectly positioned or surfaced, then that front corner might be higher (or lower) than the carve area and then the carve will be too shallow (or too deep) and may cause it to not even touch the board if its off enough. . .

Hi Seth,
The bit can go way below the surface so that’s not the issue
I’ll try to probe at the carve. When I do that do I have to jog the machine back to the left corner?

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Yes. You can probe z anywhere, then return to the corner to set xy zeros.

hey seth, where are you located?

Murrieta/Temecula California

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