V Bits Burning Wood

New to xCarve thus I have been making ‘guide’ pieces to help me remember which bits to use for what look I want.
My new Inventable v bits came today and I used the cut setting according to Inventables (burgundy/white and forest green/white). The two large v bits - 60 and 90 degrees both burned the wood. What causes that?

Cut Settings: Feed Rate 10 in; Plunge Rate 9 in; Depth per Pass .015

Your feed rate is very slow and that could be burning the wood. What wood are you using?
If you’re using plywood or something similar set the router speed to 1
Feed rate at 60 in/minute
Plunge rate 20
Depth per pass .06
That’s being conservative but you can always speed it up while you’re carving.


Thanks Russell. It was ‘common wood’ from Home Depot. I’ll try the new settings.

While I have you, are the pre-set settings intended to be the most conservative. I’m a little discouraged by the time it will take to make some signs. I getting simulated results for 17 - 20 hours to cut a 12 x 8 sign. I’m just not sure what adjustments to make.

Denise Gibson

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The presets are conservative and depending on your particular machine (rigidity being #1) useful rates may vary wildly.

Re. your 17-20hr carve estimate for a 12 x 8 sign is most likely due to too small bit for the bulk of the material removal and/or shallow depth increments with small bit, making the total path distance huge.
2 stage carving or different tool use/machine optimizing will reduce the carve time considerably :slight_smile:
It would be best to make a test design, share that here and ask for specifics. That way we can see and visualize better :slight_smile:

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Great idea. I’ll do that.

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