V bits dull

What does everybody use to sharpen their V bits ?

I concur!

Thank you that was what I was thinking

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After engraving names etc on nearly 100 tamarac deck boards for a restaurant boardwalk in our area and many other projects besides I am still running the same bit.
Unless you are cutting abrasive woods, some exotics for example, the bit mentioned by Phil will give you alot of mileage. ā€™
I am running that very same bit and once in a great while I would give the cutting edge a couple of light swipes with a 800 grit diamond hone.
If you choose to do this,say to get through a job while waiting for a replacement, hone the edge that is cut into the body of the bit not the outside edge to prevent altering the overall geometry.
This is just a honing of the cutting edge, not really a sharpening, remember.

If you do manage to botch it however, the replacement isnt terribly expensive

What would be some recommended feeds and speeds for this bit to make it last a long time?

SI have tested almost every brand people talking about. I decided to buy Amana Tool changable single blade 90 and 20 degrees two V bits. Iā€™m so great-full since then. Blades are almost impossible to get dull. Like a razor. I recommend. One time expense.