V bits dull

What does everybody use to sharpen their V bits ?

I concur!

Thank you that was what I was thinking

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After engraving names etc on nearly 100 tamarac deck boards for a restaurant boardwalk in our area and many other projects besides I am still running the same bit.
Unless you are cutting abrasive woods, some exotics for example, the bit mentioned by Phil will give you alot of mileage. ’
I am running that very same bit and once in a great while I would give the cutting edge a couple of light swipes with a 800 grit diamond hone.
If you choose to do this,say to get through a job while waiting for a replacement, hone the edge that is cut into the body of the bit not the outside edge to prevent altering the overall geometry.
This is just a honing of the cutting edge, not really a sharpening, remember.

If you do manage to botch it however, the replacement isnt terribly expensive

What would be some recommended feeds and speeds for this bit to make it last a long time?

SI have tested almost every brand people talking about. I decided to buy Amana Tool changable single blade 90 and 20 degrees two V bits. I’m so great-full since then. Blades are almost impossible to get dull. Like a razor. I recommend. One time expense.


What are the bits Phil recommends? I’m looking at Amana bits and they’re pricey. Are they worth it for the long haul?

When Phil exited the forum he requested his account be deleted along with all of his comments/posts sooo, we’ll never know which bits he was referring to…