V-Bits from Inventables and V-inlays

Just wondering if these bits come to a true point or is there a flat section on them? Also has anyone tried V Carve Inlays with these bits?


I think he’s asking if anyone has purchased these.

This is what Phil usually suggests and what I use: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0012JCSJY/ref=od_aui_detailpages01?ie=UTF8&psc=1


I bought the set from Inventables as part of a gift card I received and I’ve yet to actually use them.

I remember reading somewhere that they do in fact come to a point and not a flat but I can’t find the source of that.

I’d test carve but I’m in the airport on the way to a wedding. I’ll see if I can find that source.

I have both of those bits.
They work well but not as good as the one posted above from Whiteside.

I ordered one of these and received a bit with a 0.05 flat tip. I sent it back for a refund without any problems. It seems like there might be a wide variance in their quality control.

What is the flat tip length on that bit

Thanks Phil. Does this hold true for all their v-bits? I have several of their 60 and 90 degree bits.

I ended up getting the 1541 from a store on ebay, they didn’t have the 1540 in stock. I have not used it yet though.
It has essentially the exact same measurements as the 1540 but it is a 3 flute instead of just 2.
Would you anticipate any issues from using the 3F versus the 2F ? I would think the 3F should give a little smoother surfaces? Still a newbie with wood/CNC, so just guessing there based on the things I have read so far.

Here is the one I ordered from my Amazon history. I’m not sure that is what I actually received, so the seller could have swapped similar stock on me. I have no doubt that the actual bit is great, but new owners should definitely check to make sure they receive what they ordered!

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